Hospital Culture

Hospital vision: to build a national first-class comprehensive hospital with wide trust in the society, specialized features, advanced technology, excellent service

Hospital spirit: integrity, dedication, diligence, innovation

Hospital purpose: medicine essence medicine true

Value concept: patient first, care if close, big doctor sincere, benevolence benefit people

The history of Ping An hospital can be traced back to 1987, when our predecessor was Shijiazhuang Huaguang Tumor Hospital, subordinate to the City Machine Tool Accessory Factory (which was later merged by the city silk factory), located in Ping'an South Street, covering an area of about 2 mu, a narrow, shabby six story residential building as a ward, of which the first floor of the street is used as outpatient, B-ultrasound room, ECG room, and several bungalows are used for X-ray Room, supply room, more than 30 open beds, more decent equipment is an X-ray machine, a black-and-white B-ultrasound machine, an ECG machine, at that time, the staff of about 30 people, is a cancer hospital with Chinese characteristics.

   in 1995, the municipal silk factory went bankrupt, and the hospital became independent under the leadership of Niu Jingyue. At that time, only 11 employees including Niu Jingyue chose to be independent with the hospital. After independence, the hospital moved to radiology Road, rented a three-story tube building (formerly the single dormitory of automobile team 7), opened 100 beds, and the hospital was also renamed "Shijiazhuang tumor hospital", gradually increasing blood Fluid, immunology and nephrology.

With the further development of the hospital, we finally have our own home. The new hospital area was built at 34 Cangfeng road in 1999, and the hospital was officially renamed as "Shijiazhuang Ping An hospital". With the continuous development of the hospital, the blood building and No. 2 ward building have been built successively, and the number of beds has reached 300. The hospital has gradually developed into a large specialty and small comprehensive. In 2003, Ping An hospital established Hebei Ping An hospital Co., Ltd. with the approval of Hebei Provincial Commission of restructuring, established a standardized joint-stock management system, and established a board of directors and a board of supervisors. In 2007, under the leadership of the board of directors, Hebei Ping An Health Group was established to realize leapfrog development. It has changed from a pure hospital operation to a modern joint-stock group company integrating hospital operation, health management, drug research and development, production and marketing. Now, the group company has a total construction area of about 360000 square meters, 4570 open medical beds and 3500 employees , with 14 subsidiaries, respectively:


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