Hospital Introduction

Shijiazhuang Ping'an hospital phase I building drawing

Aerial view of Ping'an hospital (master plan)

  Shijiazhuang Ping'an hospital was founded in 1987, with more than 30 years of trials and hardships. Now it has developed into a joint-stock health industry group with 3 pharmaceutical factories, 1 health management center, 2 national key specialties, 3 large-scale service institutions and 8 branches. Its core Ping'an hospital is a Chinese medicine with distinctive characteristics, which integrates medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, prevention and health care, and has a certain region Comprehensive hospital with advantages. The hospital covers an area of 110 mu, with a total construction area of 65000 square meters and 1100 beds. It has been awarded the national key clinical specialty construction unit, the key construction unit of traditional Chinese medicine of the State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine in the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" and "Twelfth Five Year Plan", the Affiliated Hospital of Hebei Medical University, the Affiliated Hospital of Hebei College of traditional Chinese medicine, and the preventive health care test of traditional Chinese medicine "preventive treatment" of traditional Chinese medicine by the State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine The hospital is the key specialty construction unit of traditional Chinese medicine of Hebei provincial health and Family Planning Commission and Shijiazhuang Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission, provincial and municipal designated hospitals for medical insurance, municipal designated hospitals for industrial injury insurance, advanced units for municipal medical insurance management, designated hospitals for urban and rural residents' medical insurance, national honest private hospitals, and the most valuable private hospitals in 2015.

Outpatient Hall of Shijiazhuang Ping'an hospital

  The hospital has a complete set of clinical departments with distinctive features, including hematology, rheumatism, oncology, Nephrology, vascular disease (peripheral vascular), obstetrics and Gynecology, pediatrics, surgery (minimally invasive surgery, Urology, neurosurgery, anorectal), orthopedics, pain, cardiovascular disease, encephalopathy (Neurology), spleen and stomach disease (digestive disease), ENT, ophthalmology, ophthalmology, obstetrics and gynecology There are more than 40 clinical departments, including Stomatology, endocrinology, lung disease (respiratory medicine), traditional Chinese medicine, rehabilitation, and 15 medical and technical departments, including laboratory, Radiology, pathology, function, radiotherapy room, interventional treatment center, dialysis room, among which, the laboratory diagnosis Department passed the "ISO15189 medical Laboratory Accreditation" in March 2018, becoming the fourth recognized practice in our province Laboratory, which marks that our laboratory has reached the international standard management and technical level, has stepped into the ranks of international first-class clinical laboratory; it has three large-scale service institutions: Yuxiang community health service center, home-based elderly care service center and Ping'an nursing home.

Some experts and doctors of Shijiazhuang Ping'an hospital

  The hospital has always adhered to the development strategy of strengthening the hospital with talents, and has implemented a series of management measures to attract, train and reserve talents around the idea of "expanding the scale, improving the structure and improving the level", so as to continuously build the talent advantages to meet the rapid development of the hospital. At present, the hospital has 777 employees, including 46 professional and technical personnel with senior titles, 47 master's degree candidates, 3 doctoral candidates and 1 postdoctoral candidate; it has 2 provincial-level veteran TCM doctors, 1 provincial excellent TCM talents, 2 municipal top-notch talents, 2 American brain disease experts and more than 40 provincial-level special experts.
  With advanced system and perfect talent team, how to achieve sustainable development in the fierce competition has become the core issue. After many times of investigation and investigation, the hospital has determined the development direction of combining traditional Chinese medicine with western medicine, giving full play to the characteristic advantages of traditional Chinese medicine, taking the construction of specialized diseases as the leader, promoting the comprehensive development of medical technology with characteristics.

Compound operating room of Shijiazhuang Ping'an hospital

 Laminar flow ward of Shijiazhuang Ping'an hospital

  In the past 30 years, the hospital has always adhered to the principle of invigorating the hospital through science and technology, focusing on the improvement of clinical efficacy, and actively carried out clinical scientific research, new technologies and new projects. It has undertaken more than 50 national and provincial scientific research projects (30 of which have been completed), including 2 projects of the State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine, more than 10 projects of the Department of science and technology of Hebei Province, and more than 20 projects of Shijiazhuang science and Technology Bureau He has won 1 science and technology progress award of Chinese Medicine Association and 31 provincial and municipal science and technology progress awards. The hospital encourages professional and technical personnel to actively write scientific research papers and participate in academic seminars, and reimbursement of layout and conference expenses. In the past 30 years, the hospital has published more than 110 academic papers and more than 10 monographs.

  Gyro scalpel in Shijiazhuang Ping'an hospital

  While improving the talent team, strengthening the discipline construction and improving the medical technology, the hospital also continuously increased the equipment investment, successively purchased the igs630 double-C angiography machine of GE company of the United States, Varian unique linear accelerator, ge-128 slice volume CT, ge-1.5t ultra-conductive magnetic resonance (MRI), ge-digital radiation diagnostic instrument (DR), epicsxl flow cytometer and United States More than 30 kinds of advanced high-end diagnosis and treatment equipment, such as abi-7300 quantitative PCR instrument, gyro rotary cobalt 60 stereotactic treatment machine, high-energy focused ultrasound treatment machine, group biofeedback instrument, color ultrasound diagnostic instrument, EEG, hemodialysis instrument, German Zeiss pentero operating microscope, planed all digital mammography X-ray machine, etc; We have established 100 level laminar flow ward, 100 grade purification laminar flow operating room, ICU laminar flow ward, dialysis room, biochemical detection, imaging and other diagnosis and treatment facilities for bone marrow transplantation, which greatly improved the diagnosis and treatment environment and optimized the diagnosis and treatment platform.

Linear accelerator of Shijiazhuang Ping'an hospital

Planmed digital mammography

  Following the trend of the times, we can not be eliminated by the general environment. From the vital interests of patients, the hospital has successively cooperated with six hospitals, including Peking University Third Hospital, Beijing Anzhen Hospital, Beijing Children's Hospital, Sino Japanese Friendship Hospital, Fuwai cardiovascular hospital and Beijing Cancer Hospital, to carry out remote consultation, breaking the limitation of space and time, so that patients can enjoy a more convenient present Modern medical service is highly praised by patients and their families.

 Shijiazhuang Ping'an hospital 1.5T superconducting nuclear magnetic resonance

Zeiss pentero surgical microscope

  "Being hospitalized in Ping'an hospital is like being at home, which makes people feel at home and comfortable." The evaluation of the patients was almost the same. Management is the foundation of hospital development. Scientific and effective management is indispensable to the improvement of medical quality and service level. In order to ensure the quality of medical treatment, the hospital has gradually established a medical quality management system with patient safety as the goal on the basis of continuous improvement of basic management and system construction. In the process of continuous development, two major systems of administrative management and medical management have been formed. Through performance appraisal and diversified distribution incentive mechanism, the medical quality and service level have been continuously improved, the length of hospital stay of discharged patients has been greatly shortened, the proportion of medicine has decreased year by year, and good social and economic benefits have been obtained.

 ICU ward of Shijiazhuang Ping'an hospital

 "All patient-centered" is the service concept that the hospital always adheres to. In many years of medical practice, the hospital has found that many elderly patients and patients with chronic diseases need long-term repeated treatment, which increases family pressure and increases the burden of the country. According to the spirit of several opinions of the State Council on accelerating the development of pension service industry (GF [2013] No. 35), the hospital invested in the establishment of Ping'an nursing home, a social welfare pension institution officially approved by the Civil Affairs Bureau of Yuhua District, Shijiazhuang City, in December 2013, creating a precedent for the construction of nursing homes by private medical institutions in Shijiazhuang.

 Shijiazhuang Ping'an hospital

  At the same time, the hospital has been committed to public welfare undertakings, spread the concept of health, lead a healthy life, build a harmonious society, and build a healthy platform for the people. Every year, the hospital will organize public welfare activities such as free physical examination, disaster relief donation, relief for poor patients, voluntary blood donation, charity sale, etc. "Open door hospital" series of activities are well received by people from all walks of life, through the open recruitment of social supervisors, accept the transparent supervision of social personnel, solicit patients' opinions, satisfaction survey and other activities, widely accept advice. In view of the current situation that there are no experts to see a doctor at the weekend, the empty nest elderly have no way to see a doctor, it is difficult to guarantee the recovery after treatment, and the attending doctor can not find a doctor and has no questions. The hospital has launched no holiday service, which opens 365 days a year and receives emergency treatment 24 hours a year; We will launch integrated medical and treatment services, constantly improve the mode, process and standard of medical services, and establish and improve the long-term security mechanism of patients' safety by combining the whole follow-up and health management of patients.

 Spacious and bright ward corridor of Shijiazhuang Ping'an hospital

  The hospital has always been adhering to the value concept of "patients first, caring like relatives, great medical sincerity, benevolence and benefiting the people". The good industry style, excellent talent team, exquisite medical technology, modern high-end equipment and humanized service have been widely praised by all walks of life. Now, all medical staff of Ping'an hospital are speeding up their journey to the ideal.


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