Strict screening, strong control, security! Shijiazhuang Ping An Hospital held a clinical business meeting

2020-05-02 16:07:37 Source:Ping An

  On April 22, shijiazhuang hospital clinical business work in the first meeting room safe dispatch meetings, to further strengthen epidemic prevention and control, and quality safety management group, institute of feldspar teacher, dean Huang Huaipeng, party branch secretary Zhang Shaofei, vice President of the penny ur (for flat, Zhang Liqin, yuan, director of the zhi-guang sun and clinical departments, the head nurse took part in the meeting.
  At the meeting, Hospital director Huang Huaipeng combined the epidemic prevention and control situation to analyze the situation facing the hospital, to find the shortage, clear goals and tasks, to do a good job in the implementation of the work, at the same time to thank all the staff during the epidemic and hard work. The prevention and control of the epidemic is a top priority at present. It is better to prevent nine accidents than to lose prevention and control. We urge people to further enhance their awareness of the prevention and control of the epidemic.
For the next key work, President Huang Huaipeng made arrangements and deployment. Clinical department directors and head nurses must strictly implement the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, enhance ideological awareness, and strictly prevent the spread of epidemic in hospitals or through medical services; It is emphasized that the screening work at the entrance of outpatient building and inpatient department should not be lax, and the flow regulation work of admitted patients should not be relaxed, so as to strictly prevent asymptomatic infected persons. In hospital patients, the number of the current peak, all medical workers must realize the severe situation faced by the current safety in production, to carry out the responsibility, focus on the outbreak in hospital patients during the period of safety management, improve the mechanism of the emergency work, ensure that outbreak during each work orderly, to ensure patient safety and medical needs.
Mr. Shi, President of the group, while emphasizing prevention and control, learning and safety issues, made a speech on the basic quality of the patients. Shi teacher pointed out that as a doctor, the first thing to do. If you want to do anything well, you must lay a solid foundation and set rules. "Nine feet high retreat from soil, every journey begins with one step", from the simplest, most basic, the most easy to perform link to grab, build rules consciousness, let everybody used to work here in the osmosis, avoid low-level, senseless mistake, do have rules have security, to make every patient in tertiary hospitals in diagnosis and treatment process of technical service ability level, let the patient and family members in daily operation and communication feel our treatment of safe and reliable, feel the character of medical personnel.
  Second, we must be pragmatic. Work must be down-to-earth, know what you can do and do not do well. Can do things on their own, strive to do your best, do detailed physical examination, after the patient treated seriously history, fully to think, understand the relationship between symptoms and disease diseases and potential risks, evaluate the possibility of accident risk and response, communicate, records, consultation and superior physicians report, keep close observation, the processing of all costs and risks of postoperative problems for the operation, understand, sure, sure, accurate determination process, correct results.
  The third is to be precise. To the pursuit of excellence, to have a breakthrough self confidence and determination, closely tracking for cutting-edge technology at home and abroad, the frontier theory, dare to bold combined with our actual application, can put down shelves, and learn the outer court expert technology and experience, and constantly improve their treatment ability, operation level and operating technique, to achieve accurate, to be able to have a goal, in a planned way route planning their own academic development, constantly improve the academic status, obtains the general recognition of the industry peers, build personal academic brand.
  Fourth, demand goodness. We should try our best to give a good result to every patient who enters Ping An Hospital. Every patient and their family members come with trust and expectation to us. Only by treating patients well, communicating patiently, reducing risks, ensuring success and seeking the best treatment can we live up to this trust and expectation. Only when we face up to the existing problems can we do a good job and improve our service ability and level.
 At the end of the meeting, President Huang Huaipeng put forward three requirements for all "safe people". One is to maintain a healthy body, serve the patients wholeheartedly, and fulfill the responsibility for the family. Second, strengthen the team building, improve the team fighting capacity, effectively protect the life safety of patients in the hospital; Third, keep a good attitude and treat every day's work with a positive, positive and sunny attitude.
  Ping An Hospital is a united collective, is a team full of combat effectiveness, as long as we work together - functional departments heart and soul for clinical services, clinical heart and soul for the patient service, I believe that the hospital battle "epidemic" action will be a comprehensive victory, the development of Ping An Hospital will enter a new level.

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