Union of the strong! Shijiazhuang Ping An Hospital has joined hands with Hebei Institute of Industry and Technology to open a new chapter of school-enterprise cooperation

2020-05-02 16:09:23 Source:Ping An

  On April 23, in the 406 meeting room of Hebei Polytechnic Vocational and Technical College South Campus, Shijiazhuang Ping An Hospital and Hebei Institute of Technology signed cooperation agreement on strategic cooperation and school-hospital co-construction, opening a new chapter of school-enterprise cooperation.
  Huang Huaipeng, President of Shijiazhuang Ping 'an Hospital, Vice presidents Zhou Fengwei and Yuan Weiping, Party Secretary Wang Zhenjie and Deputy Secretary Wang Jiangang, executive vice President Fu Junwei, Vice President Han Tiwen, Vice President Zhang Furen and relevant department heads attended the signing ceremony.
  President Huang Huaipeng and Executive Vice President Fu Junwei signed the cooperation agreement
  Peace hospital as a tertiary combine traditional Chinese and western medicine hospital of shijiazhuang, hebei traditional Chinese teaching units, attaches great importance to the medical quality and service level of ascension, the hand in hand to hebei industry professional technology institute of the hospital, and care, health, pension and other professional, and environmental and chemical engineering to build production base and the scientific research team, not only speed up the hospital's own discipline construction, to cultivate the medical and health industry in urgent need of talents, also provides a new industrial vocational and technical college students clinical practice training.
  Ping An Hospital President Huang Huaipeng pointed out that the two sides will also carry out all-round cooperation in scientific and technological innovation, the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, the application and research of scientific research projects and industrial projects, and the investigation of special topics.
  We should learn from each other, help each other, share resources and improve ourselves together. Based on the principle of "common planning, common construction, common management and common sharing", Shijiazhuang Ping 'an Hospital and Hebei Institute of Industry and Technology jointly established a new cooperation platform for the realization of medical education collaboration and medical research combination, and provided a new practice base for improving the quality of medical and health personnel and scientific research level.

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