Improve quality and ensure safety! The general director of the group put forward 15 requirements for the nursing work of Ping An hospital

2020-05-02 16:11:57 Source:Ping An

  Recently, in order to further strengthen the hospital nursing management, standardize nursing service behavior, improve service quality, and ensure the safety of patients, shijiazhuang Ping An Hospital nursing Department organized and held a work promotion meeting, the President of the group Teacher Shi was invited to attend.
  At the meeting, The President of the group Mr. Shi on how to improve the quality of service to ensure patient safety made an important speech. The coVID-19 prevention and control and recovery in China have strongly demonstrated the importance of nurses in medical work, especially those born in the 1990s and 2000s. They are the "soldiers" of the nation as they go backwards. The profession determines that nurses serve special groups and fulfill their mission in the process of cooperating with doctors to complete various tasks. As a nurse, we should not only have a good attitude, but also be good at keeping a good relationship with patients. Moreover, we should have a high sense of responsibility and the spirit of caution.
  Combined with the actual situation of the hospital, the general director of the group put forward 15 requirements on the nursing work of Ping An Hospital: 1. 2, to comply with the nurse standards of behavior; 3. Good communication and language skills; 4, to have a solid theoretical knowledge base; 5. Skilled nursing skills; 6, to have the basic knowledge of caring for different patients; 7. Be observant; 8, to have the ability to predict changes in the disease; 9, must have the rescue coordination ability; 10, to have the ability to deal with emergency; 11. Good narrative and presentation skills; 12. Have the awareness to report and summarize the illness to leaders, superiors and directors; 13. Have the ability to properly handle the relationship between medical care and patients and their families; 14, to have the ability to learn to improve summary; 15. Good interpersonal skills and strong tolerance.
  With the gradual stabilization of the epidemic situation in China, the number of patients returning to hospital at an appropriate time has been on the rise, which is exactly what the hospital and medical staff need to reflect their own value, the test of the hospital's standardized ability and skill level, the comprehensive quality of medical care, the two benefits, and the result of nurses' efforts. It is believed that with the joint efforts of the nursing team of Ping An Hospital, the nursing service level of the hospital will surely reach a new level.

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