Every day 20% off! Ping An Hospital obstetrics, three - and four-dimensional color super 20 percent great reward to the workers

2020-05-02 16:17:19 Source:Ping An

  Shijiazhuang Ping An Hospital, with the theme of paying tribute to workers, is offering 20 percent discount for three and four-dimensional obstetrics in the special international Labor Day holiday in 2020. Importantly, the discount is not only available for the May Day holiday, but also for every day until the end of 2020.

  Philips EPIQ5 high-end intelligent ultrasonic diagnosis system has the following significant advantages:
  1. PureWave PureWave is an advanced probe technology suitable for imaging of difficult patients, which can improve the sound beam penetration and obtain higher image resolution.
  2. NSIGHT imaging platform is a breakthrough in the traditional high-end ultrasonic imaging platform and overcomes the limitations of the traditional architecture. NSIGHT imaging builds a nearly perfect beam of transmission within the entire field depth, achieving an unparalleled level of performance.
  3. Anatomical intelligence turns images into answers, facilitating examination, more reproducible, and providing new levels of clinical information thanks to advanced organ modeling (using xMATRIX technology) and proven qualifications.
  4. MicroCPA can realize the display of tiny blood vessels, improve the ability of blood perfusion in organs and occupying space, and improve the diagnostic accuracy.
  In order to reduce your waiting time and arrange your work reasonably, please call ping An Hospital obstetrics clinic 0311-67802366 for consultation before coming to the hospital for examination. Medical workers will divide the time according to the number of people attending the examination on the same day to reduce the waiting time.
  Special offer to special you! Shijiazhuang Ping An Hospital pays tribute to those who are on the front line of epidemic prevention and control across the country, and extends our best wishes to all the workers who are returning to work and production to win the war without smoke. I wish you a happy holiday, safety and health.
  The hospital has taken a series of prevention and control measures to ensure the safety of patients. It strictly carries out environmental disinfection, body temperature detection and information registration. It is hoped that the medical examination residents will actively cooperate in the following work:
  1. Please make an appointment in advance to return to work for physical examination. Carry your ID card on the day of physical examination and take personal protection on your own initiative.
  2. Wear masks during the whole process, do not gather or talk to each other, and have an orderly examination at least one meter apart during the medical examination.
  3. Please truthfully fill in your personal information and contact information, and try to avoid taking closed vehicles.
  4. It is recommended to postpone the physical examination and make an appointment after the temperature returns to normal.

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