Oath of new middle-level cadres

2019-05-18 16:16:46 Source:Ping An


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  • Party secretary and staff spend Dragon Boat Festival together

    Niu Jingyue, chairman of the group, Yang Lijing, Secretary of the Party committee of the group, and Huang Huaipeng, President of Ping'an hospital, appeared at the "zongzi" emotional family banquet and sent full blessings.


  • Staff birthday party

    Led by the Party branch of Shijiazhuang Ping An hospital, the July birthday party was held enthusiastically.


  • Oath of new middle-level cadres

    As a safe person, we must always focus on patients, abide by the ten safety concepts and moral norms, uphold the safety culture, set an example, take the lead, strictly manage, be fair and just, and be upright. Take the physical and mental health of patients as their own responsibility, rescue the wounded, be loyal to their duties, and abide by medical ethics; take scientific management as the link, dare to take responsibility, be conscientious and responsible; constantly innovate management, co


  • Red Free Clinic

    The working group of Juhua District in Quanzhang village, Xiakou Town, Pingshan County, in conjunction with the Party branch of Shijiazhuang Ping'an hospital, held the health free clinic activity of "red free clinic and love to spread to thousands of families" in Quanzhang village.


  • 5.12 nurse's day competition

    On May 11, the nursing staff of Ping An hospital ushered in the final PK - "5.12" nurse's day knowledge competition and award ceremony in the first conference room of the hospital.



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